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Pastor Willem Knipe with child from little angles

Voice of Daniel's aim is to take traumatized, abused and abandoned children and give them a place where they can find unconditional acceptance and Christ-like love, physical and emotional care but most of all a place of safety.

Voice of Daniel Counselling Centre was conceptualised in 1997 from working with various churches and socially aware organisations. The vision was birthed whilst doing training at aids homes, street children's shelters, adult working farms and orphanages.

The name the Voice of Daniel (VOD) came about as a result of the death of Daniel Keenan Carmichael-Brown. The prophecy over his life inspired us and placed in our hearts a desire to leave a legacy of love for those less fortunate. We trust that the prophecy over his life will come to pass as VOD reaches out into the community, the nations and into the world, declaring the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ by our actions/hearts and then with our words.

VOD services the diverse needs of orphans/homeless children, abused and abandoned women, working with and counselling them and their extended families as well as giving Godly spiritual guidance.

The people involved in VOD are volunteers, who have a heart to see children and young adults lives changed through mentorship programmes, therapy, discipleship and positive discipline. Our primary objective is to see broken, abused and abandoned children being able to become the leaders of the future. We believe that these children are not orphans; they are our children for we have adopted them in our hearts, which no paperwork can cancel. We are committed for life. We desire to see each child reach his/her full potential.

Voice of Daniel, as a Non-Profit Organisation, is dependent on donor funds that are raised through fund-raising events and sponsorships. Each event has been placed before the Lord Jesus in prayer, where we seek His guidance. Going forward we will continue with prayer but will also seek the covering and guidance of Rayton Christian Church.

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