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November/December 2009

The Voice of Daniel has just finished its latest Christmas Wish List run in partnership with Impact Radio 103fm ( Six charities were identified:
  • Hatfield Homes (Naledi and Little Angels children's homes) run by Hatfield Christian Church;
  • Tswelopele Step by Step (an informal settlement focussed on poverty alleviation and empowering and uplifting those in the camp);
  • Qumi Homes (focussed on the mentally disabled);
  • Siyathemba Nokeng Day care Centre (based at the informal settlement situated just outside Rayton on the old dumpsite of Rayton); and
  • Voice of Daniel Building Project (Lord willing to be started early in 2010). Watch this space for more about this particular project.
The 2009 Christmas Wish List (CWL) project was a great success, despite many challenges. Despite having run many Wish Lists the Lord showed us He will be doing it His way. This year the Lord told us to partner with Impact Radio. We were not aware of the spiritual attack that would result due to this partnership. Yet we remain committed in this partnership and have already witnessed the wonder of the Lord's Hand.

Just as we were wondering how to overcome the challenges, the Lord undertook for us, and enabled a man in our church to step forward. He forwarded the CWL to his employer's suppliers. Within four hours we had the money or gifts to meet every wish. A strict record was kept of all that came in and distributed according to the Wish List, yet we have an unexplainable amount of additional gifts that we await the Lordís guidance on what we must do with the presents. Praise Jesus!


The Voice of Daniel Building Project will start in early 2010.
Voice of Daniel are planning a big event for the ground-breaking ceremony when we start to build the homes, all who are interested to attend can email us

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