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The Voice of Daniel Counselling Centre is pleased to come under the covering of Rayton Christian Church (RCC) who have graciously granted us the land (8.5 Hectares) to build Voice of Daniel Children's homes and safety homes. Our desire is to house 48 children, where the children will be in a family environment with dedicated house parents who will love the children as their own. We, through RCC who are affiliated to Hatfield Christian Church (HCC), have come under Hatfield Christian Church's covering. HCC already have two children's homes (Naledi and Little Angels).

The Nokeng Tsa Taemane Local Municipality have approved the rights to build the centre, but building adjustments have as yet not been approved. Please contact us should you desire a copy of the current building plans for the Voice of Daniel Centre. Currently these encompass children's homes, safety houses, music and entertainment centre and a school.

A ground-breaking ceremony is being planned when we start to build the homes. All who are interested to attend can email to obtain relevant information of when, where and how you can be a part of this project and in changing the lives of children who will be the leaders of the future.

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