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Who are we
BEE Certificate
Valerie Carmichael-Brown with the VIP guests 2006

We believe that the Lord has placed in our hearts a desire to uplift and be there for those who need us. The team heading up the Voice of Daniel (VoD) is as follows:

Mark Carmichael-Brown.

Mark (born 1963) has been involved in Church leadership and ministry since 1992. He has done a number of Christian centred counselling courses, a 4-year bible course (Rhema) and was head of Salvation counselling for Rhema South. Mark is with Rayton Christian Church. Mark has spent most of his working life in the supply chain side of Retail and has worked for a number of years in a senior management positions. Mark is a highly analytical goal oriented person with a passion to see people operating to the best of their ability.

Valerie Carmichael-Brown.

Valerie (born 1971) has been actively involved in Church leadership and ministry most of her life. In particular she had spent many years in evangelical and worship ministry, including being a founder member of the Christian band, Shine. Valerie attended bible school & counselling courses at Rhema South in 1998 and 1999.She has also been involved with Youth groups in one form or another for many years. She is currently at Rayton Christian Church. Valerie has the majority of her working life been in the Project Management arena and is the CEO and founder (2002) of Triniti Business Solutions, a project management services company. Valerie is a very detailed person who feels the pain of hurting people,

Johnny Galvao.

Johnny (born 1954) is a committed Christian who has opened his home and his heart to helping many people in the Church. In particular he and his wife Maria have mentored many young adults. Johnny has been involved in the ministry of helps in Rhema South for many years. Johnny is the sole owner (since 1989) of Bez Motors, a car service centre, and has a number of other passive business interests. Johnny has significant financial wisdom and is technically minded. He is very much a hands on person who believes in getting things done by being involved. Johnny is a father of two children.

Maria Galvao.

Maria has been involved with Rhema South for many years, including completing a certificate of theology and basic counselling course. Maria (with Johnny) was a Home Cell leader and then an Area leader for Rhema South. Maria has been actively involved in mentoring young adults whilst providing them with much needed love and care. Maria works as a bookkeeper. Maria is extremely hard working and is a mother figure to many.

Richard Field.

Richard (born 1963) was been involved with Church ministries, mostly youth groups, for a number of years. Richard's passion is for young men (13 upwards) to understand what God's purpose is in being a man. The Lord has laid on his heart the vision of Boys to Men, which he is also hoping to start this coming year. He and his wife Grace enjoy coming alongside young men and seeing them grow into men who are a blessing to their communities. He has B.Comm (Industrial Psychology, Information Systems & Business Management). Richard is with Rayton Christian Church. Richard is the owner and founder of Lazarist Business Solutions (providing sales consulting and outsourcing). Richard has been involved in senior management positions for medium sized companies for several years.

Grace Field.

Grace (born 1971) has been involved with Church ministries, mostly youth groups, for a number of years. She was also involved in worship ministry and believes that true worship comes from the heart and soul of a person and that true worship also brings healing. Her life has been traumatic in itself and she uses that to encourage and bring healing into the lives of others, for God Alone heals, she is just the instrument. Her passion is for those who have been traumatised by sexual abuse. Grace is very goal oriented with an ability to transfer a concept with few words, Grace spent most of her working life in the PR environment. Grace is currently a house wife and the mother of 3 young children.

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